The Colgate University Raider Pep Band, a completely student run organization, is committed to providing spirit, enthusiasm, and quality musical entertainment at a variety of athletic and community events. For many years, the Pep Band has been an integral and highly visible part of the Colgate experience. Our numerous appearances throughout the academic year at both home and away events help rally support for the maroon and white. Within the Pep Band, there is a tradition of close friendships, memorable experiences, and innumerable (and sometimes unmentionable) adventures.

The Pep Band is active throughout the entire year, performing at football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, field hockey, soccer, and lacrosse games. The fall football season is the busiest time of year, since we perform at tailgates before the game, on the field during pre-game and half-time, and in the stands while the clock is running. Our pre-game and half-time shows consist of a few songs played in a stationary formation on the field. During the game, we perform short songs between plays to help keep the team’s spirit alive and to keep ourselves warm. Our schedule becomes less hectic after football season ends, although we do play at hockey and basketball games during the winter and spring.

Throughout the year, we try to travel to several away games and post-season tournaments when our teams qualify. In the past, we’ve gone on trips to exotic locales such as Atlantic City, Boston, Ft. Lauderdale, Lake Placid, and Washington, DC! We also have visited rival schools in the northeast including Harvard, Dartmouth, Yale, Princeton, Georgetown, Lehigh, Navy, Bucknell, Lafayette, Clarkson, St. Lawrence, RPI, Union, and the traditional hockey game at Cornell. These trips are some of the most fun experiences for band members and always prove to be an adventure.

During the week, we have rehearsals Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the athletic center. These practices are used to prepare music and plan for upcoming events and trips. Attendance requirements are flexible in order to accommodate the busy schedules of everyone involved. In addition, we also hold band camp approximately 4 days before first year orientation. Band camp is optional for all members, but highly encouraged for incoming first years.

The Raider Pep Band is an exciting way to show Colgate pride and spirit, live Colgate traditions, and support athletics and the community. The band is recognized and respected as part of Colgate’s public image, a responsibility we take seriously. But mostly, Pep Band is about having fun, forming lasting friendships, and making the most out of your Colgate experience.

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